Welcome to The English College


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This is an online campus where students from all over the globe can come together, discuss the problems they have with the English language and get lessons in the English language.  The discussions are free and you can use them to get help.  If you sign in you can simply discuss any point you wish but please remain polite.

Studying online is about convenience, about making your studies fit in with your normal life.  If you go to a school, you have to fit in to their schedule.  That may conflict with your job or your other studies.  Most schools are only open when most adults are at work but when you study online you can choose your own time and we will find a teacher for you who may be in a country where it is a different time.  So even if the only time when you are free to study is 05:00 in the morning, we find a teacher for whom that time may be between 09:00 and 17:00 in their country.

When you study online, you and your teacher have the same books and materials, instead of sitting across a desk, you sit at computer.  There is not a lot of difference.

Wherever you live, no matter how remote, we can help you learn or improve your English.  If you live a busy life, we can find a time when you can have lessons.  No need to spend time going to a school and getting back afterwards, just have your lesson with as little interruption to your life as possible.