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Face to Face SmallYou can have classes when you want them and you do not need to get to the college or spend time in traffic to get to your class.  We can tailor your course to suit your needs.  Register (from the login menu option above, select 'Register') for free, and you can start lessons as soon as you like.  Membership of the The English College is free, you will only be asked to pay for the teacher's time during lessons.  You can start with a free introductory lesson where you will get to know your teacher and your teacher can assess your needs.  After that you can study for as many lessons each week as suits your needs.  Lessons with a native speaker start at $18 each for General English and $22.50 for Business English or exams.

Buy 9 lessons and get one free!

Cost of lesson time with a Native Speaker

    45 minutes    60 minutes    10 x 45 min    10 x 60 min  
  General English     $18.00   $22.50   $162.00   $202.50
  Business English   $22.50   $29.00   $202.50   $261.00
  Exams/IELTS   $22.50   $29.00   $202.50   $261.00

Cost of lessons with a Non-Native Speaker

    45 minutes    60 minutes    10 x 45 min    10 x 60 min  
  General English     $12.00   $15.00   $108.00   $135.50
  Business English     $15.00   $19.50   $135.50   $175.50
  Exams/IELTS     $15.00   $19.50   $135.50   $175.50

Cost of lessons with a Local Teacher

Rates for local teachers vary from country to country, so you will need to speak to the local co-ordinator to arrange a teacher and a price.

Contact us now so that we can find your level and start your lessons as soon as possible.

We can provide you with General English lessons (from Beginner to Proficiency), IELTS, Business English etc..  and you can study in the comfort of your own home using Skype or Yahoo! messenger.  We provide high quality, qualified, experienced, native speaking teachers so that you can go further than the grammar that you learnt at school and prepare for a job in an international company that you want or to study in an English speaking country.

If you are a beginner, we can provide a local teacher to start your lessons in your own language until you are ready to work with a native speaker. Local teacher's charge according to the rate in your country. Your teacher will help you decide when it is best for you to change to a native speaker. If you change too early, you will get confused and not benefit as well as we would like from your lessons and if you change too late, you will not progress as fast as we would like.

Use the "Register" option from the login menu below to create an account. You will receive an email to confirm your email address and as soon as you reply to that you will be able to login to the website. If you do not receive the confirmation email after login, try to login, using the username and password you gave and the email will be resent. Any problems, send an email to the Dean.

If you pay for nine lessons you will get one free (i.e. you only pay for nine lessons when you order ten).

Our payment system uses Paypal which allows you to either pay using Paypal or by credit or debit card.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a problem with this and your local coordinator will help you with any local issues regarding payment.

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