Adverbs of Frequency

Indefinite Frequency

Adverbs of Indefinite Frequency

Approx  Adverb of Frequency  Example
100%  Always  I always go to visit my family for Christmas.
90%  Usually  I usually wear gloves in the winter.
80%  Normally/Generally  I normally finish work at five o'clock.
70%  Often/Frequently  We often go away at the weekend.
50%  Sometimes  My brother and I sometimes go camping together.
30%  Occasionally  My boss is occasionally late for meetings.
10%  Seldom  I seldom get up late.
5%  Hardly ever/Rarely  I rarely see my father.
0%  Never  I never go hunting.


  • Robert always washes his car on Sunday.
  • Cathy never eats meat.
  • My parents sometimes take me on holiday.

  • Roger is always late.
  • They are never happy.
  • I am sometimes sad.

  • Richard has always lived in Spain.
  • We have never watched TV.
  • I have never lived in China.

Definite Frequency

Adverbs of Definite Frequency

How often?  =  I want to know the frequency of something.

Example: How often do you watch a movie?

 Number+Times+"A"+Time Period        Time Period 
*Once  a  day    daily
*Twice  a  week    weekly
 Three times  a  fortnight    fortnightly
 Four times  a  month    monthly
 Five times  a  year    annually

* We do not say "One time a day", we say "Once a day".* We do not say "Two times a week", we say "Twice a week".


 Every+Number+Time Period+'s'         Every+Time Period
 Every  two  days    Every day
 Every  three  weeks    Every week
 Every  four  months    Every month
  • She goes to work every day.
  • I see my dad every three days.
  • We go away every four weeks.
  • We eat out .

If something happens every second day we say "...every other day."

  • I go to the gym every other day.